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Business practices influencing women empowerment

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Empowering women to participate in all aspects of work is essential to create strong portfolio to gender equality and improves the life for a women and their surroundings. Since ages, the ability of women in education, choosing their profession, and in making their own decisions has been suppressed all over the world. Most commonly all under developed and developing nations suffer this condition.

In the past, women weren’t allowed even to be educated, and women were always considered as inferior to men. In recent times, women have started to evacuate themselves by stepping forward making their footprints successfully all over the world.

There was a time when male chauvinistic domination pushed every woman to the core of inferiority. And to improve women empowerment, we should take measures to lift social, personal and professional status of women bringing them equally to men.

It’s better to teach them how to catch a fish rather providing a fish to eat.

The initial and foremost thing we should consider is educating women. Educating them would give them the exposure of being confident and sustain any downfall. Education is a powerful source we can offer them so that after some point there is no need for them to rely upon on others. Now a days women have crossed oceans across all domains of professional career yet painful to see some still under the rule of male chauvinism.

And now female entrepreneurs are said to be approximately one third of all the entrepreneurs globally. Empowering women in a business cannot be limited in a day like celebrating women’s day giving them space and confidence round the calendar helps them to focus on their goals.

Here few tips that could help women discover themselves as an entrepreneur.

Associate women with female mentor

To attain a goal, one should work hard with much dedication and passion. To catch up the fire needed, we generally inherit all the stories and experiences from our role models. We have a large number of women entrepreneurs all over the globe who inspires every woman now and then.

Women entrepreneurs like Sophia Amouriso ( CEO, eco - girl boss), Huda Kattan

(CEO of Huda Beauty), and famous novelist, film producer JK Rowling set a prime example and also inspire all women to start up a their own business . So associating those female mentors with women could give them a moral support and confidence in building their career effectively.

Value of women

It’s always a needed space, which we need to give them a reminder that they are not inferior to men because in past ages women have suffocated inferiority and have declined themselves inferior.

Even now day’s women working anywhere, more importantly in male workplaces are daunted to raise their voice on any opinion. And it’s more importantly our duty to remind women that they are respected for who they are and we have hired them for their own skills, dedication and effective work ethics.

There are different ways that your business can execute these values. The initial step is to provide a safe ambience where women can stand up with their own voice of opinion so that they could face any challenges ahead.

Training women to be more optimistic at any situations and conducting activity programs that showcase their talents can embrace their confidence levels which in turn boost the company’s progress.

Give space to all workers personal needs

All your employees have a world outside your workplace. And it’s your duty to provide them enough space to spend time with their family or other extra-curricular. Some common considerations can be allowing parents to leave early when needed, offering occasional parental leave, support them to balance their living space and workplace. In turn, your employees become company’s most promising asset increasing loyalty and productivity.

Here at wixgle, we organize various events which are conducted with all our employees and their family and occasionally go for picnics with our entire crew and families. The amount of happiness and excitement we create for our employees has always helped wixgle to progress a step further.

Celebrate the big days..!

Respecting women doesn’t start and end in a single day. Yet it’s more important to celebrate women’s day to mark the symbol of equality that women are no way inferior to men. Women are a pride of human existence and they play a vital role behind every man’s success. And so this day would be our day to show our gratitude towards them. So every men and women in an organization should come forward, join hands to celebrate this big day.

If your employees want to join a rally, conduct any events which can create awareness for women, kindly have a gesture of allowing them to perform without any negotiation. Complementing them with some gift on women’s day can add more values to the company.

At wixgle, we would individually sent greetings to all the employees and clients bring more happiness and smile on their face on an important day. Earlier at wixgle, one of our client Heidi Zhou assigned us a project to create her own website Polly Automatics. While having a conversation with her, she acknowledged that she lacked much business proposal as she could not make her business over the internet. And when wixgle proposed a website for her, never late she knew she would create a strong impact as a female industrialist. Finally she is very happy with wixgle – a web designing company, as presently she grabs clients all over the globe inspiring many women.

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