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How to swallow your stress

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

You would be at the verge of chaos when you feel stress on your busy schedule. Stress is the most disaster factor that hits your mind every time you focus on your own work and to relieve your stress, you have to really work on it.

Stress could start at a very first part of the day, as you wake up with no birds chirping at your window while your alarm disturbs you every time you push the snooze button; you see the clock in a resentful manner. You seem to know that you can’t be late anymore as it would spoil the entire day. You don’t experience this everyday but some days at stress, you are the same as like this.

And we have prepared a subjective list of do’s that you can do on a quick break that will reduce your anxiety and enrich you to do remarkable things like creating your own website.

Do’s for relieving stress

1. A short walk can give you more relief

Breathing fresh good air while you walk for few kilometers would be the optimistic approach to relieve stress. Always remember that there is a world outside your office. Never take your office stress to your home. As of you leave your slippers outside your home, leave all your stress outside your home and enter your home peacefully with fresh positivity spreading love to all the people around you.

Spending an hour walking in a peaceful area will help you to relieve stress. At another point, walking not only relieves your stress but a good exercise that can make you healthy and energetic.

Getting involved in nature, as the sun hits your skin, the fresh air you breathe will boost your mood into positivity resulting in relieving in stress.

2. Organize an arrangement for workspace

An unorganized space is an unorganized mind. Hence it is more important to keep your space clean and tidy. Create a positive energy around you by rearranging your items dusting off every now and then. Remove old post that you have tagged in your board. You could also bring nature to your desk by keeping small plants which can give flowers and every morning you see a blossomed flower, which could heal your stress with a positive sign. The aim is to create a desk that would help you to feel relaxed and work with ease. Wixgle offers various file manager tools to keep your desktop scheduled with priorities.

3. Open up with someone

It is better to chat with someone expressing all the stuff that bothers your mind. And when your stress hits you down, make your mind to call your mom, friend or the one whom you are more comfortable with. Open your mind to them, speak all things that put you down and often find someone whom you can trust and open up about how you feel.

This can help you to relieve stress ultimately. You can also create a blog through Wixgle where you can share your thoughts and inspire many people.

4. Grab on something to munch

When you are stressed, grab on something to munch. Having dark chocolates on daily basis can release your bodies stress hormones, says a study report. So not only fills your tummy but also your heart. Enjoy it. Wixgle provides e-commerce platforms to receive your food on your office desk.

5. Exercise, at its best.

All the stress your mind possesses gives tense and rigidness to your body. You feel entirely tired, being drained out every pulse of your energy when you are stressed out.

So it’s necessary to be more flexible at that time by doing some easy and needed exercises to relieve your body from stress. Allow your body to feel free, do some easy exercise involving movement of shoulders and neck regions as lot of stress can affect the neck and shoulder region. Turning your head round the neck, moving your head to shoulder and rotating hand movements can energize you and relieve from stress. Wixgle provides a lot of exercise applications that you could benefit with.

6. Reorganize your mails

Organizing your mails also plays a vital role in relieving your stress. Imagine a stressful day where you can open up your email and see 100’s of mail at one stretch. Everyone at that situation will get exhausted and would be at the nerve of anxiety. Hence it’s a good act to organize your mails on priority based.

Wixgle provides you wide range of email templates and customized email system which helps you to send and receive emails in a customized manner depending upon your requirements.

7. Get inspired

Watching videos or reading inspirational quotes will boost up your positivity towards life. Being optimistic will enrich more happiness relieving all your stress mentally and physically. Inspirational thoughts will set you on a right track to destiny. Imagine you are sitting on swinging chair, you will be in motion but it won’t get you anywhere. This situation is similar as you stress yourself and worry. It won’t take you anywhere where as it will disturb your progress. So get inspired leaving all your worries set back and work hopefully for future. Wixgle provides you a lot of communities, where you can watch videos and get inspired and entertained.

8. Plan for a break

Taking a break from your routine work is the most possible method to relieve stress. Having something in mind for the next weekend will surely help you to move positively throughout the week. Plan your vacation and give a break from your routine process. This optimistic approach will relieve your stress. Be happy and live every moment because happiness reduces stress totally. Lot of booking themes over internet has been done by Wixgle. Try those to book for your vacations.

9. Music, perfect stress buster

Music is the best medicine to heal your stress. The moment you feel stress, grab your ear pods and fall into your playlist. Soothe your mood with the music. Music is the perfect stress buster. A study reports, that relaxing music significantly decrease cortisol level, (a steroid hormone that regulates your body’s response to stress). For extra positivity, sing with the sorry you hear. And that will distract you from all stress. Wixgle has a variety music apps were you can listen music. Build your own music web app with Wixgle.

10. Pets give ultimate happiness

Having a pet could give you a happy life. Spending time with pets will energize you positively. Recent study reports that interacting with pets while you work actually increases productivity and decreases stress. Wixgle offers many community platforms where you can join the campaign and feel free to share your thought about your pets.

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