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Every component involved with the BATTERY 4, from the effects themselves, to the construction of the enclosure, to the value of each component, is one of the most important aspects of the design. To provide the best results, not only is the circuit construction built to be sturdy, but each step of the manufacturing process is heavily optimized to improve the circuit's functionality, and to reduce the amount of surface noise as much as possible. With each feature expanded on in detail, the objective of the BATTERY 4, and of the series as a whole, was clear: build the best-quality effects pedals to date, all with the minimum amount of hardware, without compromising the sound or feel of the pedals. The resulting design is a compact pedal board that is extremely durable, easy to move around, and extremely powerful. **The BATTERY 4 series** The BATTERY 4 series consists of three models: The first is the BATTERY 4. This pedal was designed to cover the most basic use cases. It's pretty much a rectangular box with a series of discrete effects circuits connected by a ribbon cable. The routing is extremely simple, and the effect parameters are controlled by a knob on the front panel. This pedal is intended for the novice pedal builder, and for a beginner’s pedal board setup, as well. The BATTERY 4 is available in two versions: The standard version: This version has a volume control knob, footswitchable effects with an LED display, and a power indicator. The version with XLR: This version has all of the functions of the standard version, plus an XLR input to connect a guitar directly to the pedal, with volume and tone controls. The BATTERY 4 is a sturdy pedal box that will provide years of use, and you can rest assured that the BATTERY 4 will provide years of service to you as a user. **The first BATTERY 4** The BATTERY 4 is a moderately powerful, basic model that covers the most basic functions. The BATTERY 4 is a very simple pedal board. It's mainly a black rectangle with a series of discrete effects circuits connected by a ribbon cable. The volume controls and effect switches are all on the front panel. The BATTERY 4 is intended for the beginner in the




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Ni Battery 4 Serial Number nemucert

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