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The Actual Scene

VAR LIVE needed an engaging website to seek their customers an gratifying experience to connect with them. VAR LIVE had many locations all over the world to entertain their users. One of their primary tasks was to have a strong booking platform for their website. And when they approached Wixgle, Wixgle appeased their every requirement and refined an interface ready for VAR LIVE to engage with their clients.

Wixgle took immense steps to satisfy client needs. The major task was to create a stunning booking page for their website. Wixgle provided an impeccable layout for VAR LIVE.

The first option to be provided in the booking list was to select shop location as certain games are available on certain locations. Not every game can be played at every location. The highest number of members who can play a game is 8 and a maximum of 10 members can play a game for an hour, based on time slots provided.

Wixgle provided a layout where users have to enter the shop location initially, number of players has to be filled at the next step, and post to these stages, the user can select the date and time slot for the game and can move to the game zone, where the users can select only up to 3 games at a single slot.

And once done with these tasks, a panel in left side of the page will indicate all the details furnished by you requesting to book now. After accomplishing these tasks, the page will carry the user to a secured payment gateway where you can pay bills.

Benefits of booking page

  • No man power is needed to book tickets for your customers.

  • Booking option in the website directly takes the user to exact venues without any chaos.

  • Proper booking database can be stored for any kind of retrieval.

  • Secured payment gateway

  • Reservations can be made earlier.



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Var Live Profile

VAR LIVE is a well-established platform which is entertaining peoples all over the world with profoundness of virtual experience. VAR LIVE offers a delightful class experience in the virtual reality domain. Bringing a strong dais to experience, and has spread its wings all over the world. VAR LIVE has created a space where virtual and reality emerged into a single phase endowing a high end adventurous definition to the players.

The Design

Our client needed to display their games in a high profile method. Wixgle provided a prodigious design in arranging their game list. Wixgle’s designing team showed boundless concern in providing every game’s description while clicked and the users can watch trailers of the game while clicking the play button on the top most right side. The designing team also specified a tab to read more description about the game. In addition to these features, the design team added a button at the top right side of the game profile, which took the customers to visit more number of games.

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Real Time Booking

Real time booking allows your user to book tickets at any time they prefer, with an immediate confirmation of their reservations.

User Interactive

Designers designed the interface as a very user friendly. Wixgle offers a various unique design templates with interactive interface.


Every detail such as game name, price and location can be controlled over by the client to modify few features in the back end.

Automated Alert

Automatic notification enables the user to get instant notification from the clients. This enables the communication more reliable and faster.

Mobile Bookings

User can book their tickets using their mobile gadgets. Users feel good to use mobile phones to book their tickets rather employing a computer.

Live Availability

User can know the list of games presently available in their location and an also check the availability of tickets as per the time slot.

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