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Building an effective relationship with our clients

In Wixgle, one of the crafty methods we implemented to improve our business level was to build a strong relationship with our customers. Every time we focused on this, the results were fruitful gaining more new customers for our business. The major advantage that helped us was gaining high client attention and a rapid boost in referrals. Many entrepreneurs claim the 80/20 principle, which means 80% of their sales come from 20% of their customers. Hence we always valued our customers and from that point, we always made sure that we have never missed out any objectives to grab our customer’s attention.

Here are a few initiatives we practised to build a strong relationship with our customers.

1. The process of understanding our client

Initially, we created a proper outline of our client. The first task was to understand the client and their requirements. We strongly focused on client's professional field, the range of the client's target audience, the client's budget. We carried out several procedural steps that made us understand our client and their requirements in all dimension. We have never failed in impressing all our clients with the initial phase of presenting our ability to frame our project proposals.

2. Our client's trust in Wixgle helped us to progress rapidly

The other major factor we focused on our client was to gain their trust. Seriously when you do business, you need people around you to trust you and that freedom would give you enough space to explore all possible paths that makes your team successful. As a team, we organized a clear working schedule that gained the customer's trust. As a result, we never lacked time in delivering our outputs. We have always stood by our client’s side, making them feel included in every part of our process.

3. The process of transparent communication with our client

We were very keen on having a straight clear communication with all our clients. We were very transparent in every communication objectives such as the time when clients can expect us to be available for queries when we require assets from them, the number and timing of the revision we offer, project timeline, budget etc. Once we are done with the verbal deal, we usually go for the signed agreement. This has helped our team to prevent conflicts as we have managed mutual expectations via direct and clear communication.

4. We always remembered the fact that our customer is a human too

In Wixgle, we have always perceived our client as a human too. This helps to bridge the gap between ourselves and the client providing room to a solid working relationship. When we begin up with an initial meeting with our clients, apart from the official talk we slide into some personal queries such as how they found themselves in this business, discuss their professional journey, what is their driving force? And moreover who are their families? What pets they have tamed? What are their future travelling plans? Associating our clients personally to our team has benefited us to the core providing a solid space of comfort between us.

5. We always planned for a long term relationship with clients

As a team, we understood the difference between a customer and a client. Making our customer into our regular client was a huge responsibility. Every time the project is accomplished, we do mail our client with a thank you note has a clause to get back to them in the next couple of months. At every course of intervals, we used to stay in touch with our clients by sending them wishing messages and enquiring their progressive activities and also reminding them that we would be available at their desk at any time needed.

The process plan – “Wixgle

1. What we do

Wixgle is one of the leading website designing company with thousands of clients all over the globe. As a team, we are a bunch of tycoons setting up a unique benchmark in the field of brands, web designing and developing centralizing quality and innovations. Our primary objective is to build best in class, robust, interactive and easy to navigate websites for the convenience of users that every client needs.

2. What makes Wixgle to stand out of the crowd

As a team, we have never failed to satisfy our client’s requirements on time. Our greatest strength is to deliver the project on board with high quality on time. The period we provide for every project has always gained applause from our clients. Offering innovative ideas to execute our client's project has differentiated us among others.

There are several web designing companies all over the globe, Yet Wixgle acts as the best option that many would choose.

3. Understanding our client's potential customers

When we start the web designing task for our client, we start with a few kinds of research on our client profile. The important research we initiated is discovering our client’s potential customers. We start up with research, gaining all the relevant information about our client's potential customers. Then we initiate the web designing process according to the facts and information of the client's customer. The primary objective is to attract our client’s potential customers and hence we do show more concern in building the structure and design pattern of the website as per their point of view.

4. Analyzing client’s competitor

We showed up more effort in studying our client’s competitor. This way has helped us to analyze and understand the various facts and information about their business. When our client points out their competitor’s name, the first task we accomplish is checking out their online presence. Observing their website structure and design, their social media activities has helped us more to learn about our client’s market. This, in turn, has gained a lot of positive feedback as we could work to design our client’s website considering all the strategies.

5. Embedding client’s vision

Many of the clients who came to us were aware of the fact that their business should have some kind of online presence. Many of them were in the dilemma of how to accomplish this task. When they met us, we gave us the proper outline of how a website would help their business. Based on their goals, we embedded our client’s vision in our web designing project. We were so specific in their goal requirements and thus every project turned out to satisfy our client needs. Our design depends upon our client’s perspective such as brand awareness, educate site visitors about our new features and services, encourage new sales etc.

6. Working on existing website design

Most of the clients have sought us with an existing website. We listen to them keenly about the obstacles they face in the existing format and analyze their requirement. We usually go through the entire site with the client with queries to make sure what disturbs them. Maybe the design, the bandwidth, lack of features etc. may be the reason behind the client's decision to modify the site. Having enough words with our client has helped us to meet their requirement. Many of our clients who came with existing web designs were using Google Analytics. We prescribed our clients to just go through the data to gain some facts, what pages do visitors go through the most, and what usually makes them close the tab. With these facts we made our clients understand were you falling short.

Our services

1. Graphic design

We, as a team have worked for thousands of clients in building our client’s brand identity, designing the client's logo and many more activities such as creating a graphic language and more. We clearly understand the fact that visualization is the primary key to gain users attention and hence we have shown tremendous effort in providing a strong and quality graphic design in our every project. Our popular graphic design services range from

· Customized logo

· Brand development

· Visual content

· Professional photography

· Edit images

We have a strong and dynamic web design team which has a range of design tools such as

· Adobe XD

· Adobe Illustrator

· Adobe Photoshop

· Adobe Aftereffects

· InVision

· Canva

· Pixlr

· Balsamiq

· Flare

· Sketch

· GoogleFonts

· Social media guide size

· Piktochart

2. Web design

Wixgle has a team of Wix Partner to create a ravishing unique website for your business. Our team also focuses on redesigning the client's existing website as per client’s requirements.

Our popular web design services are

· Classic website

· Advanced website

· Migrate website

· Redesign website

· Mobile website

3. Web development Here at Wixgle, We have a team of developers to add functionality, sophisticated web applications and custom store capabilities. Through partner developers, we create a strong platform in building the structure of our client’s website as an organized one.

Our popular web development services are

· Coding guidance

· Custom site functionalities

· Third-party services

· Content with database

· Custom input forms

· Custom design and behaviour

4. Online store Online stores have spread their wings widely all over the globe through the internet. We provide our client with the best shelter to create tour professional online store, showcase your products, set up shipping and more. We play a significant role in building online stores for many online shopping giants all over the globe.

Popular online store services

· E-commerce website

· Advanced capabilities

· Store settings· Store optimization

5. Marketing and promotion In today’s world, there is no powerful influence more than marketing and promoting a product. We have a team of digital marketing partners to promote our client’s website, lunch e-mail marketing campaigns and makes client’s website found on Google. Wixgle has always stood by the client-side in promoting their product at a high profile.

Our popular marketing services are

· Search Engine Optimization

· Ad Setup· Written content

· e-mail marketing

Here at Wixgle, we play strong with all sorts of SEO techniques. SEO plays a major role in ranking our client’s website and hence our SEO team creates a standard benchmark in positioning our client’s profile at the top of the chart.

Wixgle’s approach towards web design

You need to understand the fact that by changing the method of approach a website project, you could not only sell more services to your client but also can establish a strong everlasting relationship which fetches you further projects. Wixgle has stood top of the chart in approaching every project in a different aspect. Our client's website is always credibility to their business. Hence we design our client’s website to be richer in quality and innovative carrying professionalism. Our way of approach is initiated with brand identity.

1. Enhancing brand identity

Collection of all brand elements like logo, business cards, brochure, product packing and website which is used to illustrate the desired image to the client comprises brand identity. Wixgle, as a team has always shown par excellence in creating a brand identity to our clients.

2. Building a brand image

At Wixgle, we play a significant role in building a brand image for our client’s product. Our main objective is to visually please our client’s potential customers. With an impeccable designing team, Wixgle has always stood at the topmost position promoting high profile brand image to our clients.

Queries we worked on

To build a brand identity for our clients, we researched and studied every fact of our clients. This allowed us to ask a few questions to our clients – who, what, where, why and how. These questions helped us to analyze every possible dimension of our clients business.