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2019 cheat sheet - a complete guide to know your social media image sizes

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

In today’s world, social media has evolved to be the most important mandatory source to every business. You can easily promote your brand through social media. But get to know few strong practices that are carried out for effective social media marketing.

You need to engage your audience consistently providing a strong voice of your brand. And the best method to connect with your audience is through visual design. The strong platform with a visual design for your audience is a website. A website could hold all the information of your products and services. A stunning website will attract more audience. If you still haven’t created one, it’s never too late. Try now.

Apart from website, a strong platform to promote your product is by social media marketing. Here we offer you a cheat sheet demonstrating the image size of the leading social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest , YouTube , Medium.

This cheat sheet has been created for the purpose of creating images and work on web design projects in regular basis. For example, when creating a photo for your profile picture, you can create the entire profile picture needed for your client at an instant, delivering all the requirements of the site and accomplishing a strong consistency in branding.

Profile picture size

Here is the size of various social media profile pictures. Mostly all of them vary in size depending on the platform you use it.


· Twitter profile picture size: 400px x 400px

· Facebook profile picture size: 800px x 800px (recommended), 170px x 170px (display size)

· Instagram profile picture size: 110px x 110px (min.)

· Pinterest profile picture size: 165px x 165px

· LinkedIn profile picture size: 400px x 400px

· YouTube profile picture size: 800px x 800px

· Medium profile picture size: 60px x 60px (publication avatar), 72px x 600 px (max.) (logo image)

· Tumblr profile picture size: 128px x 128px

Sizes for cover pictures

Your cover photo is the major attractive object in your social media page. Unlike profile picture which are framed into square, your cover picture can be elaborate speaking the right tone of your business. Here are few tips to consider while you place a dazzling picture for your cover section.

· Opt for a .png file, instead of a .jpg.

· Make sure you display the important sections of your design in the centre of the image, as sometimes other elements could cross over and fades some part of your cover picture. Make sure you double check it again once you execute it.


· Twitter header: 1500px x 500px

· Facebook cover photo size: 820px x 312px

· Pinterest Board Cover image: 222px x 150px

· LinkedIn Background or Cover image: 1584px x 396px

· LinkedIn Business Cover image: 1536px x 768px

· YouTube cover photo: Display varies by device; 2560px x 1440px on desktop

· Tumblr header: 3000px x 1055px

· Medium profile picture size: 1500px x 750px

Content images sizes

Quality content sharing plays a vital role in the process of social media marketing. When you prepare a image to share, you need to know the right size of the images irrespective of its platform. Creating accurate size will slow down distortion and unexpected cropping.


· Twitter: 900px x 450px

· Facebook: 1200px x 630px

· Instagram: 1080px x 1080px

· Pinterest Expanded pin: 236px x scaled height

· LinkedIn Personal Profile: 1200px x 628px

· LinkedIn Company Page: 1200px x 1200px

· YouTube: 16:9 aspect ratio (Video); to qualify for HD: 3840px x 2160px

· Medium: 100px wide by any height

· Tumblr: 500px x 810px

Shared link graphic

With shared link graphics, people frequently ask for two questions. “why is Facebook choosing that image on this link?” or “why don’t my share images look the way they are supposed to?”. At initial phase, you need to make sure the social network knows which image you want it to highlight when you share a link.

The next thing is to make sure that the images added to the page or post are the sizes that social media can accept. If the size is not acceptable, then it will distort or ignore the image.


· Twitter: 800px x 320px

· Facebook: 1200px x 630px

· Instagram Photo thumbnails: 110px x 110px

· Pinterest: 735px x 1102px (Pin Preview); 600px x 600px (Board Display)

· LinkedIn: 180px x 110px

· YouTube Custom Video thumbnail: 1280px x 720px

· Medium: Will pull story header image or profile image

So you could understand that a stunning visual design will enhance your business to progress rapidly. If you want to build a visual treat for your audience, try out to create a website for your business where you could embed all your social media platforms. Web designing companies like Wixgle are leading pioneers of providing world class unique and dazzling web designs for their clients.

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