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Exploring the latest trends of web design

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Web designing has been an emerging factor in the process of establishing your business. Web designing is the major integral part, where you design a space to promote your products.

And when you are about to promote your product, you obviously need to grab user’s attention. You need to find out all possible ways to engage the customer. But the major breakthrough is to know which trend best fits your project.

Following the trends has two discrete directions. When designers follow a crowd, there might be limitations for their creativeness. Designers would be bound to certain limitation considering the choice of people who follow certain trends. On the other hand, trends convey many user priorities like what people love, what people hate and actually help designers to create website with better affordable rates.

Visual designs have a significant role in promoting your product to the end user. In recent times, several trends have started evolving. Let us give a clear picture about it.

1. Digital illustrations

Digital illustration is the most important trends in visual design. To be more precise, a perfect illustration unveils your design out of a crowd and could connect emotionally to the visitors.

Illustration is a versatile tool where designers can use digital illustrations for various usages such as hero sections, feature description and so on. The common illustrations that are used by designers are hand drawn flat illustrations and three dimensional illustrations.

A flat hand drawn illustration gives you a touch of handmade design. Three dimensional illustrations, which emerged in recent times, have added more realistic values to the design. Three dimensional illustrations provide a scenario where customers can almost reach out and touch objects in the screen.

2. Vibrant colors

A layout is attracted, when it has been provided with a vibrant color. Choosing the apt color for a layout is the most specific task that a designer has to accomplish. User attention can be easily achieved if the designer gives a stunning color theme to a layout designed.

3. Hero video headers

Visual design plays a vital role in designing a website. Symbolizing the main idea helps the designer to deliver quickly.

On the past years, web designers used static imagery to convey their main ideas.

But in recent times, new technique such as video clip styles has emerged. This gives the user an immersive movie style experience. These video clips can be used in hero section that ranges a few seconds of looped videos to full length preview clips with audio provided.

4. Split screen

Split screen is a simple design technique that splits the screen into two segments usually 50:50, but can be separated as per user requirements. This process is well accomplished only when the designer wants to convey two different messages interlinked in a single frame.

The common space you could observe split screen is e-commerce websites that offers products both for men and women.

5. Geometric patterns

Designers can use geometric shapes and patterns to create beautiful ornamental designs.

Designers can use high resolution PNG’s and SVG’s images as background with geometric patterns. There won’t be any issues of scaling as you don’t need to worry how they will look on small and large displays.

6. Bold typography

Content in a website holds the strongest position when it comes to designing a website. Contents convey the message directly to the user and so the designer pays a good space for designing contents. Bold typography is a common technique that helps the designer to get user attention. Bold fonts have an advantage of making the customer easy to read the contents.

7. Gradients

Gradients are the multi-functional tool that is capable to work in any type of design. Designers use gradients to give more intensity to the layout. Designer have lot of freedom in using gradients as designers can experiment various types of colors using different gradients such as radial gradient, linear gradient….and so on.

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