Designing solutions for heavy content website

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

When it comes to designing a website, there are 2 possible approaches that are implemented:

  • Visual content

  • Textual content

Visual content

Visual content plays a major role in attracting the end user. Visual content provide every data of the product visually, so that customer gets immense knowledge about the product. That is why every website gives more space for images and appearance. The lag with the visual design is that it cannot suit with few websites such as news sites, blogs, and online communities where textual content plays a major priority when compared to visual designs.

Integrating of all visual aids

Designers can use various visual aids such as static images, video clips to enrich the design quality, which helps the user to preview their product a step closer.

Textual content

When a website is encumbered with content, designer has to pay additional attention to design the layout. The design needs to honor the content focusing the entire textual information.

1. Prioritizing content values

Organizing the content is the initial task to be done. Every part of the content is to be organized as according pre-established hierarchy such as title, subtitle and article. Before designing, put everything on a paper. This helps to perceive you in a designer point of view to create a stunning website.

2. Effective typography pays

So now you have listed the contents as per your priorities and now it’s time to design the content. A textual content can be designed implementing various fonts, adopting height adjustments to fonts that elevate the design. The designer can employ all different types of techniques that can change the position of the content as per the design layout.

3. Organize your contents in grid

To pack a heavy content organized, you have to cleave the content to a grid. Attaching content to a grid helps you to organize the text, based on hierarchy and to keep textual information separated visually and physically. Grid framework and set of rulers are employed to process this function.