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Know how live chats helps you to progress

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

The most important feature of recent websites is live chats. Instant messaging has become a powerful communication tool that focus on your client and your product purchase. Live chat has emerged as a convenient tool to respond to your customer immediately. So it is more important to have instant chat options in your website so that you can be available for your online audience 24 x 7. Companies like Wixgle create unique websites with many features like automatable options, product attachments capabilities, live chats etc.

Here are 9 reasons why you have to implement live chat on your website.

1. Have a vision for the future of website

In recent times, you could find many websites with instant messaging features. This feature helps you to connect with your customers instantly. In fact a recent report says that websites that featured live chats has increased their sales rapidly. And so if you plan for successful feature, all you need to do is implement live chat options in your websites. Being at customer’s doorstep when they need you is the most important factor that will increase you sales.

2. Just a moment to respond

The prime reason to employ live chat on your website is that you can connect your customers any time. You give freedom to your customers to access your support team anytime needed. And this will attract a lot of audience and will provide a good traffic flow to your website.

People will have a lot of queries when they are about to purchase your product. Live chat helps you to clear all the customer chaos instantly and added to that, you can clearly specify all the details of the product to your customer. One of the added advantage of live chat is that when customers come up to you with their queries, you could give them all possible solutions, provided you can directly convince them to purchase your product.

Instant responding to customers is the valuable source where you value your customer’s time and in return customers will be happy for the respond they get and that makes the purchase successful in a short span of time. Imagine if you don’t have live chat option and your customer have a handful of queries about your product. Obviously the customer will be out of your business.

3. Let your website work when you sleep

It is a considerable idea that you could respond to your customers every second of the day, anytime they enter your website. And you should look on to your daily routines too. But get to know that you could even have a chat with your customer when you are busy with your own priorities. Automation is the magic behind this. A recent report says that users who have installed automations have increases their traffic by 152%. You could easily access the automation in your chat settings. You can create and send automated messages to your visitors once they enter into your website. You could make the messages in a personalized format or lead capture form.

Lead capture form helps you to get their personal details such as name, email, phone number and will automatically save. This will help you to start a relationship with them.

You can also keep records of related queries and through automation you can set saved replies in order to cut back the time spend responding to frequently asked questions. These features will enable the customer to adore your sincerity and passion towards tour business. And ultimately will result in increase in sales.

4. Display your personality

In today’s world, brands express personality. In order to differentiate your brand from your competitors, you need to raise your brand voice and tone. Executing this brand voice across every platform and particularly in one on one conversation like live chats with your customer will boost your business profit.

You could customize your chat sections as per your requirement. To be more professional, you can add you company logo in your chat section. You could customize everything ranging from color to fonts and shades. A strong logo can acquire the attraction of all the online audience. Hence if don’t have a logo for your company, its time to create one. Web designing companies like Wixgle creates unique stunning logos for their clients.

5. Make your customers comfortable

When compared to other medium such as email, live chat plays a significant role in communicating with customers. Live chat offers a real time communication platform, which allows immediate and interactive communication with the customer. Chat options have various features that elevate your business level. It has many meaningful connections such as addressing customers by their name, bringing up past conversations, understanding the need of customer for what they have reached you.

6. Study about your customers

Through chats, you could easily study every customer you respond. These insights will help you to make a strategy for your business. For example: analyzing the pages that customer visits will help you to ascend your products. With all the insights of various customers, you can analyze and bring up a plan to design the arrangement of your products according to the requirements of customers as you researched.

7. Promote your brand in a classy manner

Chats not only help you to respond instantly but also help you to promote your product to their customers. You can send the linked products to browse where customer can access it and make use of it.

And one more way to market your product through chat is to create coupons from user dashboard and send them to customers via chat. This will attract a huge online audience to your business.

8. Close deals at faster rate

When you respond instantly to customers via chat, you take up a chance to close the deal at faster rate. This will progress your business with a good profit margin. You can get a lot of leads, but in order to make those leads into purchase you need to talk to customers instantly expressing all your ideas. And this happens easily when you have a chat option in your website.

9. Engage a long term relationship

You need to plan for the future while you are dealing with your customers. Chats help you to connect with your customers providing a long term relationship. While having a chat with your customers, make room for them to revisit you again when they need you product or service.

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